The Liberty Internship Program is for those who feel God has put a call, desire and passion on their heart to pursue full-time vocational ministry. The Liberty Internship Program is not just another program; it’s about laying hold of the call that God has put on your life, developing that call, and deploying it to reach the lost and broken of this world. In this program, you will gain ministry experience as well as life experience. You will be pushed, challenged, and encouraged through this entire process to grow towards where God may be leading you. 



The purpose of the Liberty Internship Program is focused on developing the call God has put on your life to pursue full-time vocational ministry. Our goal is to then help deploy you towards the path God may be leading you. Through this process you will grow as a leader, a person, and as a follower of Christ. This program will provide ministry training and experience as well as leadership and spiritual development.




Worshipping God is one of the primary ways that we can connect to God. Our Worship Ministry is committed to promoting the worship of God in spirit and truth through the arts. The Worship Ministry Track will expose you to everything that goes into pulling off a worship service: production, instrumentalists/vocals, and worship leadership. The Worship Intern will serve alongside the Worship Pastor and will be exposed to the broad scope of worship ministry in recruiting and equipping team members, planning services, attending rehearsals, attending worship evaluation meetings, getting familiar with the worship technology, but will also have the ability to have a focus and concentration in the part of worship ministry to which they feel called.



Are you passionate about seeing teenagers own their faith and walk with Christ? At Liberty we are gladly spending our lives to see the gospel transform the next generation. The Student Ministry Intern Track will provide you with a transformational learning experience that will be foundational in your future ministry. During the track you will be exposed to all the inner workings of the church but will have a primary focus in the Student Ministry. The Student Ministry Intern will serve alongside the Student Pastor to recruit and equip Student Ministry Leaders, equip parents to be the primary disciple-makers of their teenagers, assist in writing and leading Bible studies, plan student worship services, and plan student events such as: Camps, Retreats, D-Nows, Serve Days, Mission Trips. 



Do you have a heart for discipleship and community? Here at Liberty, we value being together and not alone. Part of our strategy is to see every member involved in a LifeGroup. The Groups Intern Track will be an opportunity for you to get hands on experience in group life in a local church. The Groups Intern will serve alongside the Pastoral Staff to recruit and equip Adult LifeGroup Leaders, help start new groups both on and off campus, write and prepare sermon-based curriculum, and assist the implementation of a family plan that runs throughout all age graded ministries.



Energy, excitement, and a slide- if you are all about those three words then the Kids Ministry Internship Track is for you.  At Liberty, we are gladly spending our lives to see the gospel transform the next generation. In the Kids Ministry Internship Track you will get to directly invest into the next generation K-5th Grade. The Kids Ministry Intern will serve alongside the Kids Pastor to plan and lead Sunday and midweek ministries, plan camps and special events, invest into and equip parents to be the primary disciple-maker of their children, and assist in enlisting, developing, and empowering leaders to expand the ministry to reach more children and families.  



Is your heart in ministry for missions? The Missions Department at Liberty is developing and the sky is the limit for opportunity. Our heart for Missions is straight from Acts 1:8. We believe that we are witnesses for Christ here in Chelsea and throughout the world. The Missions Intern will serve alongside the Missions Pastor to help Liberty think and live missionally. The Missions Intern will be a part of planning church-wide serve days, helping Life Groups partner with local ministries, planning community outreach events, staying in touch with missions partners both domestically and internationally, and planning mission trips both domestically and internationally.   



The Pastoral internship track at Liberty is designed for men who desire to pursue the calling of God into pastoral ministry within the local church. During the program, men will gain experience that will prove beneficial for their future ministry wherever the Lord leads them. At the end of this tract, the intern will have gained better clarity about the nature of pastoral ministry and will know himself to be more equipped for it. The Pastoral Intern will serve alongside Pastor Staff to plan and lead worship services, practice pastoral care of LBC members including hospital visitations and biblical counseling, and will assist in daily administration and leadership duties. 




Interns will leave the program with a full understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. At Liberty, we believe everything we do is in vain if Christ is not the focus. You will be challenged to grow in the following six measures: You will learn what it means to be a child who knows God, a student who lives changed, a friend who loves others, a helper who gives generously, a messenger who goes boldly, and a guide who shows the way. Our desire is that you grow in these measures both in your personal life and how to equip others.



At the end of this internship our hope and prayer is that you will recognize significant personal spiritual growth. We will push you in your relationships, finances, time-management, and communication. We will constantly encourage you to identify areas in your life that God wants you to develop. 



Liberty wants to grow you as a leader. You will be given opportunities throughout your internship to grow as a leader. There will be intentional leadership development within each internship track. Areas of focus could include, but are not limited to: attitude, conflict management and resolution, building and leading teams, program management, special event planning and learning to communicate mission, values, measures, and strategy. We will seek to develop your strengths and identify your weaknesses and help you grow in these areas.



Throughout this internship program, you will gain both ministry experience and knowledge. Interns will be a part of departmental and church staff meetings. You will begin to learn the ins and outs of church ministry. You will learn what it takes to shepherd the people in your ministry as well as those serving in that area. Interns can expect to grow specifically in their chosen track and expect to be exposed to other areas of ministry within the church. 



  • Interns will serve for a period of 9-12 months and be required to work 20 hours per week, including the Sunday experience.
  • Interns must have graduated from high school and be in the age range of 20-26.
  • Interns will take part in intern meetings, staff meetings within the church and their departments, and will become SERVE TEAM members at Liberty.
  • Interns are encouraged to not work part-time jobs because of the interference with the ministry hours at Liberty.
  • Interns will be compensated.
  • There is a thorough interview process for interns to ensure that every person is in a healthy place in their life, to be focused on ministry, and have the maturity to work well on a staff-led ministry team at Liberty.
  • Interns will be personally challenged in every aspect of ministry and life. They will be equipped within their ministry area to learn how to humbly serve on a ministry team.
  • Interns are subject to evaluation and can be terminated at any time due to poor performance or moral failure that would disqualify one from ministry.
  • Interns should not expect to be hired by Liberty at the end of the internship.


  • Experience
  • Feedback
  • Mentorship
  • Discipleship
  • Willingness to complete any required paperwork for college or seminary credit for internship class


  • To pursue God with their lives
  • To serve on a staff-led ministry team
  • To develop their character and God-given abilities
  • To be sent toward where God may be leading them


  • Must be between the ages of 20-26 (preferably)
  • Must commit to the entire 9-12 months (August 14, 2022—July 30, 2023)
  • Willing to work a minimum of 20 hours/week, including Sunday experience 


  • Email mattadams@lbcchelsea.com