“Immeasurably More In ‘24” is a spiritual movement in the hearts of God’s people that we see happening as we draw near to God. This will cultivate our hearts for revival and greater Gospel transformation in and through the Body of Christ. We envision a spiritual awakening of lost souls being saved because God’s people are surrendered to His leadership, fulfilling the Great Commission, and experiencing spiritual growth marked by our measures.

In 2024 we will call our people to the following: abiding in God’s Word daily, growing in (corporate, family, and individual) prayer frequency, prioritizing attendance regularity in worship and groups, attending “refresh” events through the year (Nights of worship, prayer gatherings, etc.), prioritizing sharing the Gospel in the community.

To find out how you can get engaged in, Immeasurably More In ’24, contact Pastor Matt at madams@lbcchelsea.com.

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