Heather Larson

Hi, my name is Heather Larson.   I have a precious three year old son named Jacob and we live in the Chelsea Community.

Before attending Liberty, I was happily married for over 12 years.  We were preparing to welcome our son into our lives.  We had battled many years with infertility and finally we were going to be parents.  We began looking for a church home and started visiting Liberty.  The people were very courteous and genuine.  Life was good.   

In 2013, my marriage fell apart.  I was devastated and looking for answers.  I contacted the church office inquiring of counseling.  I met with Alan Kuykendall, Associate Pastor, and immediately knew I was in the right place.  The encouragement, love, and sound biblical counseling I received allowed me to walk through the journey I was facing.  I quickly enrolled in the Divorce Care program offered, and was able to begin my new journey towards being a single mom. 

Since that time, I rededicated my life to the Lord.  Jacob is flourishing in the Preschool program on Sunday, and I have created friendships with others, single and married, through the services offered especially through the Small Group/Life Group settings.   I currently facilitate a Wednesday night Hope & Help for the Single Mom bible study where I am able to walk with others and offer encouragement, prayer, and support to those who face the same day to day struggles.  It has not been easy, yet I know I would not have made it this far without Liberty.

I would say to anyone going through a time in their life where they are searching for answers or wondering if anyone cares, Liberty does. The warmth and genuine kindness I experienced was refreshing and provided me a refuge where I could heal.   Life is difficult.  Through the sound biblical teaching from Pastor Tim and others, I have come to a place of hope and healing for me and my son and look forward to the future in Christ.  

The Lords

Hello, our names are Michael, Stephanie, Matthew and Andrew Lord.

A few years back we had just moved to the Chelsea area and we were looking for a church home where our family could worship, become involved, and grow in our relationship with the Lord.

We heard about LBC and visited a worship service one Sunday morning.  After visiting our family felt LBC was the church we wanted to be a part of.  We have found that Liberty is a church that honors Christ, loves others, and disciples Christians to have a deeper relationship with God.

Since joining LBC our family feels that not only have we grown closer as a family, but we’ve all grown closer individually in our relationship.  We’ve gotten plugged into Life Groups where we are able to connect with others and study God’s word in small groups.  God has also given us an opportunity to serve Him by leading a Life Group on Sunday morning.

Liberty is a church where you can worship God, connect in a small group to study God’s word, and have an opportunity to serve Christ.  We invite you to visit and experience what we have come to love about Liberty. 

The Lees

We are the Lee family, Lance, Jessica, Noah and Anna. We are busy, on-the-go, and always trying new things.  When we moved to the area in 2011, we needed a church where we fit in. We found it difficult finding a church with young couples with children.  We became connected with Liberty through a mom's ministry called, Moments for Moms. This ministry offered me, Jessica, the opportunity to get to know other mothers and that eventually lead to our involvement with Liberty. Now, Liberty has a large vibrant small group filled with young couples with children and we consider Liberty our family.  

Liberty has offered a lot to our family such as its children's ministry, women's ministry, small groups, men's events, and much more.  The people of Liberty have walked with us through great times, such as getting married and having children, and the difficult times.  We are so thankful to have Liberty in our lives.  It feels so great knowing that we have such a great church family to go through life with. Are you looking for a place for your family to fit in?  Liberty can be that place for you! 

The Kings

We are told in 1 Peter 5:8 the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. What does that look in real life? It can take on many different forms in the lives of God’s children. Here is the way it was fleshed out in ours.

We were married in 1991 and for the most part enjoyed a happy life together. We experienced some tough times - the loss of a father, financial set backs, job transitions, etc. God saw fit to bless us with 3 children between the years of 1994 and 2000. From the outside looking in, we had it all together. No one would have ever imagined there would come a time that our marriage would be threatened with the thought of divorce.

That time came in 2014 when discontentment turned to thoughts of finding happiness with someone else.  After several months of entertaining the thoughts and feelings in secret, the relationship that was formed was brought into the light. The reality of where we were in our marriage was not out of God’s reach. Exodus 14:14 was a source of hope for our family.  We battled the lies and deception of the world that told us our family would be OK and even better if we divorced. Even though God’s word gives Biblical grounds for divorce, we knew what He desired more was for us to seek repentance by turning from the lies and deception (sin) to the One who promises to make all things new. It was a very long, hard road, but by His grace we have been restored for His glory. By doing so He has used our story to give hope to other families who are fighting the same battle in their marriages.

Today, we are content in our marriage and experience true peace that comes from forgiveness. - Ricky and Becky King


Laura Dempsey

The day before Thanksgiving I was involved in a devastating car wreck. I sustained multiple broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, and had to be resuscitated.  I’m not supposed to be here, but God had other plans. I have seen first hand what his unwarranted grace can do, and I am reminded of that grace daily.  - Laura Dempsey

Natalia Drake

"My life before Christ was like an endless journey looking for happiness in all the wrong places, leaving me always empty and hurt. I grew up in a country where God was forbidden. I lived in different places and that freedom cost me a lot through bad decisions. A past broken with painful regrets involving divorce, drug abuse and three abortions, I came to America.

Here I met two Christian friends who accepted me and met me exactly where I was with the love of Jesus Christ. They shared the gospel with me and gave me my first Bible. More than anything they loved me even throw knowing all my sins. One of those friends, Holly, told me about the ministry SavAlife Shelby after I shared with her that I had abortions in my life. In the moment when I came there, God became real to me as I felt that He cared about lost soul like me. I started attending a Bible study called "Forgiven and Set Free". God used this class to change my heart, to save my soul, and to give me grace! After twelve weeks I was new creation in Christ and my past lost hold of me. 

Through this class I was invited to Liberty Baptist Church which became my first church family ever! Since then, this family just keeps helping me grow deeper and deeper into loving my Savior Jesus Christ and the people who He died for. There, I started helping teaching fifth grade girls at kids ministry and I loved it!

This year is the first time I am leading the Bible study "Forgiven and Set Free" and I cannot be more excited to see ladies being healed by learning about God‘s love and grace! God used my salvation to draw my husband and my sister to Himself. And because of my sister‘s testimony, my grandfather excepted Jesus Christ before he died! That’s the God I serve... the God who saves sinners like me and people who lived all their lives in USSR not knowing about love and grace like my grandpa!" - Natalya Drake

Josh and Melissa Boggan

"Josh and I spent the better part of ten years asking God for a baby, yet relied on our own understanding in almost every aspect of our marriage. Finding out that our marriage wasn't invincible, a marriage would never survive unfaithfulness and disobedience without submitting to the Lord. And ours didn't. After our divorce was final, we learned that while still attempting to "fix" our marriage our way, we had conceived the miracle that we had waited for. 

God doesn't change His plans because of disobedience. 

After having ours eyes opened, we experienced true repentance and a reconciled marriage that only God could have ordained. We are wholly restored and are now the family that God had planned for us from the start." - Josh and Melyssa


Ryan Gifford

"My life before Christ was filled with a vicious cycle of drug and alcohol addiction that lasted for 28 years. Through those years I had been to rehabs, jails and mental institutions; and none of those got me clean and sober. 
It wasn’t until January 13, 2013, that my life was changed. I was asked to come to church that Sunday by my daughter Britney who had been attending children’s ministry at LBC on Sundays with my brother and sister-in-law, Ray & Mandy Franklin. Ray & Mandy picked her up on Sunday mornings and brought her home after church.
At this point in my life, I was a broken man, and I thought to myself—I’ve tried everything to get sober and it didn’t work. What do I have to lose by going to church. Well, on that morning I gained everything. I accepted Christ into my life in a Men’s Sunday School class. 
Since then I have been able to witness to as many people as will listen to my testimony of God’s grace and mercy on my life. I have also been given the opportunity to be the leader of our life group. But, the thing that I enjoy the most is serving on the First Impressions team—waving and smiling at those who are preparing to enter God’s house. They will enter with a smile on their face just because someone told them “good morning and it is great to see you here today.”
I truly believe that we should always have a smile on our face because our Savior has sacrificed all so we can have a reason to smile. AMEN!" - Ryan Gifford

Wendy Gifford

"My name is Wendy Gifford. I wish I could sit here and say I’ve always made the right decisions, and said the right things, but that would not be my story.

 My story is that I was married before to an abusive man, who was having an affair. When I left him I found out I was pregnant. I felt trapped, scared, for myself and my baby. Instead of turning to God in prayer, I listened to the voice of the father of lies and made the worse decision of my life. To abort my baby.

 The after effects of my decision would haunt me from the time of my decision until I participated in Abortion Recovery AL (ARA). I realized that all the feelings I was experiencing, worthless, empty, lost was because I had not asked God to forgive me. I thought God would never forgive a sinner like me. But through ARA I realized that was a lie Satan wanted me to believe. God was always there waiting for me to come to Him, broken and ask for His forgiveness. Once I made the decision to turn to God, He forgave me and took my sins away as far as the east is from the west. At that time, I also prayed that He would open the door for me to help others see what a merciful and forgiving God He is. Much to my surprise, I was invited to get involved in ARA as a facilitator. I felt God was blessing me through my obedience. I want you all to know there is forgiveness, and you too can be set free.

If you need help, please contact the church and ask for me or Maggie Boggan.  


Maggie Boggan

My name is Maggie Boggan.  I came to Liberty Baptist in 2007, searching for meaning in my life and there I met Jesus in a very real and personal way.  Before I met Jesus, my life was spent in the elusive pursuit of happiness but instead of finding lasting happiness I was often plagued with repeated cycles of: poor choices, abuse, anger, depression and addictive behaviors.

I realized that I needed something more in my life in the spring of 2007 after I had begun to recover from losing everything that I had previously thought was important – family, career, home and health.  In fact, I had thought of myself as a Christian since the age of nine and that I was just suffering “various trials,” as the Bible mentions.  I had only “known” Jesus, however, with a shallow, intellectual knowledge or perhaps with a temporary commitment just long enough to get me through a time of crisis.  For most of my life I had relied on the fact that I had walked down a church aisle, said a prayer and had been baptized as a child, thinking that these things would get me into heaven.  Not until I heard my pastor, Bro. Tim Cox, teach 1 John chapters 2 and 3, did I realize that I did not truly have a relationship with Jesus.  After understanding theses verses, I quickly came to realize that I needed true salvation which is only possible through a saving faith in Jesus (which requires a complete trust in Him) and repentance of my sins. 

On April 30, 2007, I wrote a letter to Jesus and thanked Him for dying for my sins and being raised from the dead, and I asked him to forgive me for my sins.  I asked Jesus to help me be steadfast in my repentance and to identify to me any unrecognized sins from which I needed to repent.  In addition to asking Him to save me from the penalty of my sins which of course is an eternal punishment in Hell’s fire, I asked Him for a few other things.

I also asked Jesus to allow me to minister to others based upon my life experiences and to allow me to experience all of the attributes of the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 at least once before I die.  My life has been much different since I began my new life in Christ at Liberty.  He not only saved my soul but He also has given me many opportunities to know and serve Him as a true Christ follower.  Even though I still have rough spots along the way in my life, I have His peace and I know that He will sustain me no matter what life on earth has in store.  I am now a child of God, a citizen of heaven, completely forgiven and fully pleasing to Him.  I still mess up but He gives me the grace to grow stronger in His love through prayer, Bible study and the wonderful Christian fellowship I have found at Liberty Baptist Church of Chelsea, serving in various ministries and short-term foreign mission trips. 

Since 2009, I have even been blessed to serve at Liberty as a certified biblical counselor.  I am now a widow and since my husband died in 2011, I have known the love and support of my church family in an even deeper way.  My late husband Sam also found Jesus as his Lord and Savior at Liberty and I know that I will see Sam again when my life on earth is over and I am also with Jesus.  Meanwhile, each day that I live is a gift to share Jesus with others and it is my greatest blessing when I am able to do just that.

Please join us at Liberty and I would love to meet you personally because it would be my special blessing to help you get connected with our local church body and to encourage your walk with the Lord in any way that I can.