A Sunday morning experience is made complete by attending a LIFE Group. LIFE GROUPS (aka Sunday School) are offered at 8:00am, 9:15am and 11:00am. A greeter at our Welcome Center can direct you to a LIFE Group that shares your same season of life. It is through our LIFE GROUP ministry that relationships are made, we live life together, and build up one another as the Liberty Baptist community of faith.To see the list of current Sunday morning groups please click here.

Life Groups are typically organized by age and life stage. They meet on Sunday mornings as well as in homes at various times during the week. Through LIFE GROUPS we strive to fulfill our ministry purpose to Love, Invite, Fellowship, and Equip others while doing LIFE together.

For any questions or additional information, contact Leon Burdette.



Groups that meet in the home. We like to say, "Same Purpose, Different Place."

Are you unable to participate in a Sunday morning LIFE Group? Maybe you’re someone that’s attending worship one hour and serves weekly in an area of ministry the other hour? Maybe your schedule only allows you to attend a weekly worship service? We now have a way where you can connect with others in a small group.

Life groups home editions are made up of 8-12 people that meet weekly in a home. LIFE GROUPS Home Editions are mostly made up of LBC members that serve on a weekly basis and are not able to participate in a group on a weekly basis. We desire to develop LIFE GROUPS Home Editions just like Sunday morning Life Groups - SAME PURPOSE, DIFFERENT PLACE!

Child Care – Providing child care can be a challenge, but there are also benefits to children being at a group meeting with their parents. Some groups use paid caregivers while others may rotate group members. Here are some suggestions on what to do with children during small group meetings. Also, if needed, here's a link to the childcare reimbursement agreement and request.


Strengthen and Support the Purpose and Vision of our LIFE STEPS Ministry.

These groups meet primarily on Wednesday nights, but can meet any time outside of Sunday mornings. LIFE Steps Groups are closed groups with a start and stop date. LIFE Steps Groups are available during fall and winter semester times and occasional Mini-mester groups in late spring.

For more information and a complete list of current classes available, contact Leon Burdette.



These closed groups of 3-5 individuals that meet weekly and desire a deeper walk with Christ. The groups meet for one year. It is not evangelistic in its form or function, but when fulfilling its purpose: it makes disciples, who then make disciples. It’s all about MULITIPLICATION!