The Lords

Hello, our names are Michael, Stephanie, Matthew and Andrew Lord.

A few years back we had just moved to the Chelsea area and we were looking for a church home where our family could worship, become involved, and grow in our relationship with the Lord.

We heard about LBC and visited a worship service one Sunday morning. After visiting our family felt LBC was the church we wanted to be a part of. We have found that Liberty is a church that honors Christ, loves others, and disciples Christians to have a deeper relationship with God.

Since joining LBC our family feels that not only have we grown closer as a family, but we’ve all grown closer individually in our relationships. We’ve gotten plugged into LIFE Groups where we are able to connect with others and study God’s word in small groups. God has also given us an opportunity to serve Him by leading a LIFE Group on Sunday morning.

Liberty is a church where you can worship God, connect in a small group to study God’s word, and have an opportunity to serve Christ. We invite you to visit and experience what we have come to love about our church. 

Natalya Drake

My life before Christ was like an endless journey looking for happiness in all the wrong places, leaving me always empty and hurt. I grew up in a country where God was forbidden. I lived in different places and that freedom cost me a lot through bad decisions. A past broken with painful regrets involving divorce, drug abuse and three abortions, I came to America.

Here I met two Christian friends who accepted me and met me exactly where I was with the love of Jesus Christ. They shared the gospel with me and gave me my first Bible. More than anything they loved me even throw knowing all my sins. One of those friends told me about the ministry SavAlife Shelby after I shared with her that I had abortions in my life. In the moment when I came there, God became real to me as I felt that He cared about lost soul like me. I started attending a Bible study called "Forgiven and Set Free". God used this class to change my heart, to save my soul, and to give me grace! After twelve weeks I was new creation in Christ and my past lost hold of me. 

Through this class I was invited to Liberty Baptist Church which became my first church family ever! Since then, this family just keeps helping me grow deeper and deeper into loving my Savior Jesus Christ and the people who He died for.

God used my salvation to draw my husband and my sister to Himself. And because of my sister‘s testimony, my grandfather accepted Jesus Christ before he died! That’s the God I serve... the God who saves sinners like me and people who lived all their lives in USSR not knowing about love and grace like my grandpa!

Josh and Melissa Boggan

Josh and I spent the better part of ten years asking God for a baby, yet relied on our own understanding in almost every aspect of our marriage. Finding out that our marriage wasn't invincible, a marriage would never survive unfaithfulness and disobedience without submitting to the Lord. And ours didn't. After our divorce was final, we learned that while still attempting to "fix" our marriage our way, we had conceived the miracle that we had waited for. 

God doesn't change His plans because of disobedience. 

After having ours eyes opened, we experienced true repentance and a reconciled marriage that only God could have ordained. We are wholly restored and are now the family that God had planned for us from the start