2018 Education Building Renovation

On Tuesday, May 22nd, we will begin renovating the 1st and 2nd floors of our Education Building as well as our Fellowship Hall. The following points give you a breakdown of the scope of work in the renovation:


  • Updating/modernizing of the two-story Education area of the Fellowship Hall building (new finishes throughout using more durable and contemporary materials; some new design features)
  • Removal of unused space for former Pre-School toilets to enlarge Education space
  • Removal of existing cabinetwork that has low impact effectiveness of use to allow for more Education space and more flexibility
  • Creating a fresh, contemporary look within the Education area to enhance and encourage existing and new students towards more consistent involvement and disciple making
  • Transforming the Welcome Center at the Fellowship Hall Entrance into an interactive, contemporary space that ties to the renovations done in the Worship Center/Gathering Place and encourages higher attendance/greater exposure
  • Updating/modernizing the restrooms on both levels of this area to match the quality of the renovations done in the Sanctuary
  • Adding a Family Toilet on the First Floor within the Education area for easier access and use by nursing mothers or those with other issues
  • Replacing the roof of the entire Fellowship Hall/Education building with a metal roof system designed to endure the excessive movement experienced in a metal building (shingles will always have leak issues)
  • Increasing technology use and availability in the Upper Level of the Education Building to create more interactive opportunities as well as a user-friendly atmosphere
  • Increasing ability to provide a weekly worship venue in the Fellowship Hall that will allow us to fulfill our mission and 20/20 Vision. Includes finishes, Sound, Tech, Video, Lighting, Stage, Seating, and other specifics  
  • Increasing technology use and availability in the Lower Level of the Education Building to enhance Youth education and help create a technologically-advanced interactive environment
  • Significant energy efficiency gains (reduction of power consumption) through use of modern LED lighting throughout (this is also a requirement of the International Energy Efficiency Code required by Alabama)
  • Adding additional insulation in the ceiling of the Main Level to increase energy efficiency and reduce power consumption
  • Replacement of old plumbing fixtures with new fixtures that use less water, thus saving on water consumption
  • Increased flexibility of lower Education level for various venues (Classrooms & Assembly) through use of acoustically-efficient Operable Wall Partitions in lieu of some permanent walls and by replacing ineffective accordion folding partitions
  • Addressing ongoing leak issues in the exterior EIFS (Dryvit) skin by analyzing visible areas where leaks are occurring (use of an Allowance amount to identify issues and offer corrective action)
  • Addressing settlement issues at the Fellowship Hall Drive-Thru Canopy (use of an Allowance amount to identify issues and offer corrective action)
  • Adding HVAC in the Server room near the Sanctuary to extend the life and function of equipment that is currently getting too hot due to heat generation
  • Connecting/extending Gathering Place finishes into Corridor of Main Level for continuity and durability of materials
  • With the current construction market pricing rising at a more rapid pace than in previous years, moving ahead with renovation to keep pricing from continuing to rise (recent Bids have seen up to 10% increases beyond pricing a year ago)
  • With current interest rates rising, moving ahead with renovation to enable the best interest rate we can receive as good Stewards of God’s funding

Watch for more specifics as we get closer to the start date. If you have any questions please contact the front office.