Promotion Sunday 2020

This upcoming Sunday is Promotion Sunday 2020! Due to our limited on campus schedule, things will be a little different from past years. Here is what will happen this sunday...

  • Preschool Ministry: Your child may be moving up to a new LIFE Group. Check with our Preschool Coordinators when you arrive on campus. Due to the limited schedule our Preschool Ministry is only available during the 11am worship hour. 
  • KID's MINISTRY: Kindergarten children now go to the Kid's Ministry. Due to the limited schedule, you can register your child to attend the Kid's worship service at 11am. Contact the Kid's Ministry if you have questions. 
  • STUDENT MINISTRY: New 6th grade students are now a part of our Middle School Ministry. All students move up to their new grade LIFE Group. Because of the limited schedule, all Student Ministry LIFE Groups meet on campus during the 11am service hour. Contact the Student Ministry if you have questions.