Fall 2019 Life Steps Classes

We are excited about our new Fall 2019 Wednesday night schedule for adults—Life Steps Classes! These classes are part of a more unified and comprehensive discipleship pathway for our faith family. Through Life Steps Classes we will be poised in a strategic way to help each other Discover Christ, Serve Others, and Grow Strong!

There will be three (3) main courses: Discover, Serve, and Grow, respectively, in addition to a Financial Peace University class that will begin at the same time. 

These three main courses will offer in-depth instruction about the core truths of such things as the “Gospel,” “Who is Liberty Baptist Church,” “What is our mission,” and “Where is your fit in and through the Body of Christ at Liberty.”

Each course, Discover, Serve, and Grow, will run for four (4) weeks. Then groups will rotate to focus on the next course. 

For example, those in the Discover course will rotate to the Serve course for another round of four (4) weeks of teaching, while those in the Serve course will rotate to the Grow course for another four (4) weeks of teaching. The semester will span 12-weeks and offer a very comprehensive treatment of things that are central to the life and work of Liberty Baptist Church.

Please join us for our first Wednesday night gathering on Wednesday, August 14th, at 5:00 in the East Venue for dinner and our Life Steps Kickoff Night @ 6:00. We will provide more information and be available to answer any questions you might have!