Deacon Nomination


Please read the guidelines for deacon nomination, then use the form to nominate up to, but not more than, eight men for deacon ministry. It is also requested that you speak personally with a potential deacon candidate prior to submitting the person’s name as a nominee. 

Those currently serving and, therefore, not eligible for nomination are:

Matt Bailey, Jared Chaffin, Clay Dickinson, Dwight Fannin, Ray Franklin, Jeff Glover, Rodney Hillman, Steve Mitchell, David NeSmith, Earl Niven, Sr., 
David Prater, 
Russ Roberts, Scott Roddy, Gene Rogers, Don Williamson, Darek Wood


WHAT ARE “DEACONS”? Deacons are helpers, healers, and harvesters as well as servants, leaders, partners, and models for ministry.

POLICY GUIDELINES: Men who are previously ordained must be a member of LBC for one year. Men who are not ordained must be a member of LBC for two years.


Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13 for character traits that are critical for deacon ministry.

WHAT ABOUT DIVORCE? There are many vital opportunities for men who have been divorced to serve weekly at LBC. However, LBC historically has not ordained men for this place of ministry who have been divorced or who have married someone who has been divorced.

Questions to Consider: Does this man…

1. Pursue God with all his heart?

2. Lead his family as a godly husband/father?

3. Exercise spiritual leadership with a humble servant's heart?

4. Pray for, support, and cooperate with his pastor and other overseers in the body of Christ?

5. Minister to the people as a caring under-shepherd?

6. Strive diligently to promote the advancing of God's kingdom by witnessing and praying?

7. Promote unity in the fellowship of the saints?

8. Seek to live a Spirit-controlled life everyday?