Christmas Gift Shop Offering

Shelby Baptist Association Christmas Gift Shop

How to give: Online (or drop a check designated for Christmas Gift Shop)

When: October 25-November 8

Each Year the Shelby Baptist Association hosts a Christmas Gift Shop which provides toys for families in need. The Christmas Gift Shop is an intentional evangelistic ministry that the Shelby Baptist Association offers to parents in need. Parents get to walk around and pick out Christmas presents for their children. At the end the parents are presented with the Gospel and prayed for. This year the Shelby Baptist Association is aiming to privide gifts for more than 650 children.

Here at Liberty we are taking up a special offering to help purchase gifts for the Christmas Gift shop.

Below is the link to give. Once in PushPay press "give one time" then in the drop down select "Christmas Gift Shop." Below you can also see how much money it takes to cover each child.

Give to the Shelby Baptist Christmas Gift Shop

Level 1 – (1) Parent Gift, Popcorn Tin, or Cookie Tin – $5
Level 2 – (1) New Bible or Toy (Green Category) – $10
Level 3 – (1) Stocking or Toy (Red Category) – $30
Level 4 – (1) Child’s Clothing or Toy (Blue Category) – $50
Level 5 – (1) Teen’s Clothing – $75

*Total Cost Per Child – $150
*Total Cost Per Teen – $175

If you are looking for hands-on serve opportunites at the Gift Shop click HERE to see them.