As Deacons of Liberty Baptist Church, our mission is to be men of integrity as we help, heal, and harvest our community for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We serve as Helpers:

  • We support our pastor and staff
  • We take an active role in the ministries of the church.
  • We look for areas of need and then engage to meet those needs.

We serve as Healers:

  • We utilize the Word of God to comfort those in need.
  • We support our church family in times of crisis.
  • We are peacemakers in times of strife

We serve as Harvesters:

  • We embrace the Great Commission and commit to practice intentional evangelism.
  • We are mission-minded. We endeavor to actively participate in mission activities.
  • We freely give of our own time, talents, and treasures to further the Kingdom of God.