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Hola soy de Puerto Rico!

Hola soy de Puerto Rico!


We just wrapped up our third day of VBS and I think I speak for the whole group when I say God is at work here in San Juan! When we stepped off the plane there was an immediate culture shock for most of us as we walked outside and breathed in the moist humidity and got bitten by mosquitos. Each day gets a little bit easier and more challenging at the same time. I am slowly adapting to frogs showing up in my ice cold showers and sweating more than I ever thought possible!


“Be flexible,” and “get out of your comfort zone.”


One of the first things we were encouraged to do was be flexible during our time here. Plans are constantly changing and we are tested every single day.


It’s pure joy to see a child’s face light up when we walk in the room. I am completely amazed at the relationships that have formed during the past three days. The language barrier that most of us face every day is no match for God’s power. We can go an entire day without having a real conversation with these kids and yet they love us and there is an understood bond between us.


This trip has been a blessing in so many ways. On Sunday, Kayla and I volunteered to help with music at VBS because we both have a passion for singing. We were instructed to go learn all 5 songs for VBS that night because we would be teaching the children the moves the next day. We stayed up until 2 a.m. learning the dance moves and practicing the songs in Spanish and were up at 6 a.m. the next morning. When we arrived at the church the next day it seemed as though we didn’t need to learn all the dance moves and lyrics after all. Because of that, on Monday I struggled finding my place at VBS. We only helped with music for about an hour every day so we mostly wandered around helping where we were needed and attempting to start a conversation with a child in Spanish. Later that day, Kayla and I decided to learn the children’s son “Making Melodies in My Heart” in Spanish so that we could teach the children at the end of the day. We had help from one of the VBS workers and this immediately became the highlight of my week! Seeing the children’s faces light up when we began to sing a song in their language was unlike any feeling in the world. We connected on a deeper level and I found my place at VBS.


With that story in mind, I want to challenge those reading this blog post because we have all been challenged by God. This week I am constantly reminded that God’s got this! When things get hard and when we need to be flexible and push just a little harder, I have faith that God is at work. God doesn’t call those who feel qualified or ready for the mission field. He calls the weak, the broken and those in pain. He calls those who don’t think they have time to fit church into their busy schedule. He calls those who can’t speak a word of Spanish to go and encourage Christians at a church plant in San Juan, Puerto Rico and bring the word of God to a poor and broken community. He calls ordinary people like you and me. Never underestimate your next act of obedience.


As you continue to follow our trip, please pray for the children and adults at our church plant as they work diligently and humbly for God. Pray for open minds and willing hearts of the people we are coming into contact with each day. Pray for us as we continue to be flexible and go where the Lord leads us this week.


Thank you for your prayers and support!


Hannah Garrett





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