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First Full Day

First Full Day

Started out as any other with a delicious breakfast to get the day started great.  Spending quiet time out on the docks was truly an amazing experience.  Worship began and the kids came to life.  Seeing all of us so ready to get these kids awake and ready to start the day was something special.  Track time 1 rolled around and all of the staff worked together to make sure everything ran smoothly.  Small group bible study was a real treat as we got to know a little more about the kids.  It was truly something special to watch as some of the kids began to open up to us.  It’s amazing to watch the lives of not only us students, but these campers change in such the short amount of time we have been together.  The week has only begun, and I already feel so humbled to be here.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of this week has in store for us all!

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