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Camp Day One

Camp Day One


We started today off with a great breakfast cooked by the staff (we have never had pancakes that fluffy!). After breakfast we toured the camp and made last minute preparations before our campers arrived. At 2 p.m. they started arriving pumped and ready for this week of camp. We had our first worship service as a group and the kids loved it. They were singing along and dancing. After worship we gave them a camp tour and gave them a run down of the rules and point system we will have for the week. There are two teams at this camp: Captain America (Leader: Ben Burdette) and Spiderman (Jackson Burdette). The boys can earn points with spirit, quoting bible verses, cleanest cabin, and finding the hidden hero that has been hidden around the campus. We have just finished evening activities and the boys are about to start their nightly bible study. We love it here and are enjoying getting to know our campers more and more. The campus is beautiful and the sun finally came out today! We can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for this week and see these boys grown closer to God. 

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