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Alaska Mission Trip

After months of preparation, a team of twenty-four students and six adults had the privilege of going to LaVerne Griffin Youth Recreation Camp in Wasilla, AK to lead a boys camp consisting of 1st-6th graders. Our team was divided into five groups: worship, track time (creative & sport), large group games, and small group Bible study. One adult was responsible for each group and did an excellent job of having their team ready to lead. I cannot thank the adults enough for all of the time and energy they put into having their team prepared to lead. Y'all are AWESOME!!

    Following an uneventful trip to Wasilla and a day of setup, the boys arrived and made their presence known. Immediately our students stepped into action and did an outstanding job of connecting with the boys. Two teams were created Team Captain America (lead by Ben Burdette) and Team Spider Man (lead by Jackson Burdette) and the competition began. The teams could earn points for spirit, clean cabin, games, dress theme days, Hidden Hero (Batman was hidden each night) and Swords (scripture memory). At the end of the week the winning team, Captain America (Ben) pied Spider Man (Jackson) in the face! The team spirit was great, there were the cleanest cabins in history, and so much scripture was memorized. God blessed us with the privilege of seeing five boys saved and one recommit his life to Christ. Please pray that each boy will be discipled by his parents and that they will be connected with a church. 

    I am so thankful for a church that has a heart for missions and desires to equip this generation to reach the world for Christ. 

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